Comusication™ workshop

Singing ourselves together

a unique experience for music lovers.

A musical space for self expression and connection

where we play, meet and interact through the sound of the moment, rediscovering our unique voices in a creative and playful environment, exploring non-verbal intimacy and vocal freedom together, embraced by the power of the group.

a jamming experiment for music lovers

…who never thought they could actually improvise music without any knowledge or technique

Everybody should be able to take part in the blissful TRIP of creating spontaneous music together and with the right guidance and setting EVERYBODY CAN!

*highly recommended for proffessional musicians as well

Utilizing music as a tool for self development

Comusication™ is a fun and playful journey as well as a transformative opportunity for those who seek a fuller, more authentic expression in life.

here's what participants have to say about the experience:

Why Comusication™?

Together we will:

Ori Lavi

Ori Lavi is an Israeli musician, therapist and certified group facilitator.
A solo artist, Drummer and founding member of the groups Orot (alongside Orka and Uria Tsur) and Barefoot Doctors, performing and facilitating Comusication workshops around the world since 2012.

Guided by the passion to evoke people in being more attentive, better listeners and cultivate a more responsible communication – believing music is the ideal tool for the job.

He started developing Comusication™ back in 2012 as a music therapy student.
The unusual combination of being both a busker (street performer) based in Berlin and a music therapy student flying frequently to seminars in Bilbao, Spain, led him to understand that music was not intended for musicians only to enjoy and perform, but it’s a magical and accsesible tool in evoking connection through mutual nonverbal expression.


“A brilliant platform for experimanting vocally and creatively, with varied exercises that encourage you in different directions”
“One of the best gifts I granted myself this year. Ori is music. He speaks and moves and lives music… since our adventure together i feel much more free expressing myself in musical gatherings and jams”
 “Such a precious gift in my healing process… the safe space allowed us to surrender to the experience and to the group. Then the magic happens naturally riding the sounds together”
“This process was held with so much softness, passion, proffesionality, sincerity and generosity. Thank you”

Upcoming events:

8-10 March 2024

Bucharest, Romania
3 day workshop + alternative singing circle 

15-17 March 2024

Lisbon, Portugal
3 day workshop + alternative singing circle

22-24 March 2024

Köln, Germany
3 day workshop + alternative singing circle

26-28 April 2024

Amsterdam, Netherlands
3 day workshop + alternative singing circle

10-12 May 2024

Los Angeles, US
3 day workshop 

COMUSICATION in Ori's words:

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